About Us

Hello, we're Sending it with Love.

Welcome to the Sending it with Love family...


2020, a year for the history books. A year when we all realised just what is important to us and what really matters. For us Sending it with Love was born. A small family run business with a passion for sentiment.

Sending it with Love began because we love to make people feel special & loved. We understand how important it is to give gifts that are received with excitement and create cherished memories. We made it our mission to find sentimental, fun and unusual gifts and keepsakes to offer on our fabulous website!

We hope you enjoy the product selection we've put together. All products are hand-selected with a lot of love and care so there is a wide and unique range to choose from. The idea of opening a ‘Sentimental Gift’ business was inspired as a result of searching for meaningful gifts each year and somehow always falling short. When you search for ‘Sentimental’ gifts, you seem to find a lot of the same product whether that be a personalised photo frame, Gin glass or charm bracelet. We like to find unique gifts that the recipient will treasure, not just for the moment but for years after. We’d spend hours looking for something special but felt as though we’d always fall short (and spend a lot of money). This business will provide those unique gifts at affordable prices. We are more than just a high street gift shop.

Feel free have a browse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our website lets you choose and purchase cards, gifts and keepsakes of your choice from the comfort of your own sofa. Once you've placed your order a member of the Sending it with Love team will get to work right away.

The team will quality check your order before we pack and despatch. We always try our very best to despatch your cards, gifts and keepsakes within 2 working days.

We are incredibly proud of Sending it with Love. We really do hope you like our site and enjoy your visit with us. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


'The Best Gifts Are The Ones We Give'